Laughlin Properties is the Oldest Property Management Company in Laughlin, Nevada. We started our Property Management Division in 1984, mostly to service the people that bought properties through us as Investments. They needed someone here that they knew and trusted to handle their investment affairs for them because they didn't live here. Because of our success in this area, our Property Management Division has grown to become a major part of our company endeavors here.

Our Town Homes and Condominiums average about a 95% year-round occupancy rate.

We have been told by our Owners, Tenants, and Maintenance Personnel, that the units we manage are, generally, superior in overall condition (regarding cleanliness and repair) than any others they have seen in Laughlin. That's not by accident. We want to keep our Owners and Tenants happy... that way they stay with us. If the unit isn't suitable for Us to live in, then it just isn't suitable for our tenants.

Because of our success, we are always looking for homes, townhouses, condos or manufactured homes, etc., to lease. If you have any of these properties that you wish to lease or have managed, Contact us.

Serious, qualified, inquiries may be furnished references from our current owners and/or tenants in order to help qualify the statements that have been made here.

Laughlin Properties
3650 South Pointe Circle Suite #205-8
Laughlin, Nevada 89029
(702) 298-1057